She Beckoned Me To Come Forth

Lately we haven’t been spending enough time together


She whispered to me across the room as she lay gloriously next to the double glazed window where she takes pride of place. Her edges are broad yet soft to the touch, not overpowering but complimenting her surroundings. She glows frantically amongst the lead of fairy lights adorning her. Her pearly hues dance joyously across the room; those fairy lights providing a graphic milieu.


I starred longingly at the warp of yellow and grey stripped cotton sheets wrapped around her. They were a reminder of the sun that never transpired today and the grey state of affairs outside.


I know!!”


I whispered back as I unchanged.“What can I say it has been a hectic month thus far, but fret not dear, I am here to stay today; all day and no one can get me away from you, even if all the flood warnings materialise, I am all yours today“.


I could sense an outburst of excitement, relief, and that of sheer joy beckoning;  in knowing that our encounter today shan’t be disrupted by alarm clocks suggesting lateness to something or somewhere or someone of importance.


It has been incredibly hard every morning getting up and leaving you behind. It has been incredibly hard every morning to ignore your pleas of “stay in with me … don’t go“. But today I shall succumb to you, and I shall let you satisfy my needs. I shall let your warmth engulf my fatigued body.


Today has been long coming and oh girl do good things come to those who wait. I shall get in with you today curve my body into a fetus position, and wander off into la-la land.


An architect of soft comfortable stature you are, my dear bed!


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