Overcoming the Dreaded P’s

I am someone who loves to procrastinate. I have been wanting for few days to sit down and put pen to paper; or as is the case with me commit thumbs to type away on my phone incessantly until a verbose of sorts has been formed; mull over it for a day or two, come back to it, edit it and once I am satisfied with the quality of the verbose on offer-send it off into its intended destination to take its iota amongst the other roaming data in the world of blogosphere.


You see I am a perfectionist too. Being a procrastinator and a perfectionist are two traits that a writer (or anyone else) should not have to deal with simultaneously. I think I have become someone who over the years perfected the art of procrastination. I will delay something until it can be delayed no more. Until I have no choice but to see to it.


It is not like I have hit the dreaded writer’s block, on the contrary my creative juices have been overflowing of late so much so that I have several posts that I started and never got the chance to finish or publish. I blame the World Cup and the rare glimpses of sunshine we are currently experiencing in England. Even the meteorologists have us believing that at times the temperatures have been on par with that of Brazil… really?  I know I am sceptical of such claims too but us Brits like to indulge in a bit of a hyperbole where the weather is concerned.


Of course there are always things, both living and otherwise that irk the peaceful equilibrium of my cerebral cortex. Unfortunately for the culprits involved in challenging my peaceful existence they serve as a great musing for my next blog post. Karmically, it provides me and you with something to ponder over; though I always give them the joy of anonymity, at least where living beings are concerned.


Unlike the usual writer’s block that most writers stumble on I have been contending with a dread of different calibre- procrastination and perfection. With the myriad of things happening around me, inspiration seems to be just round the corner. But procrastination would have me delay inspiration under the clever guise of perfectionism. To borrow Freema Agyeman’s words “I swing between procrastination and being really thorough so either way things aren’t getting done quickly”.


But great posts like all good things such as goal-line technology are worth procrastinating over and perfecting, because once they materialise we can all marvel over them, dispute them or just be indifferent. I am still undecided if that goal in the France v Honduras game was a goal or not.


And you know what being indifferent, undecided, on the fence, are all fine too…


Unless you are a referee or reading a great post I procrastinated laboured over and perfected for you to marvel at… In which case it isn’t!!!



29 thoughts on “Overcoming the Dreaded P’s

  1. I have other things difficult with 101, mainly that I am Euro which means with kids etc the prompts come out when my children are home, so I don’t get to post until the next day by which time everyone is tired of looking at each others posts so I really miss out out on one of the main parts of doing this which is to get feedback etc, so withering and dithering a little 😦

    Also I am discovering I can’t write fiction off pat either, journalistic real style fine but making up stories I need to cogitate and regurgitate like a fly lol x


    • I have those issues to contend with as well. I live in England and by the time i come across these assignments it is usually midnight and time for the next assignment to be posted. Which obviously means you miss on the interactions you would have with other bloggers.

      Also like you i can’t write something and post it straight away, i have to mull over it 🙂 i am bit OCD like that.

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read this and for your feedback. Good luck with the rest of writing 101 i’ll be sure to stop by yours too 🙂


      • oh great its wonderful to meet another person like me I was feeling like i was the only one missing out, it has been a bit disappointing because obviously we are here to get feedback from others who are on this challenge and like to write. Maybe we can persuade the next challenge to be posted earlier on their time zone lol xxx
        Hope to keep in contact xx

        Where in the UK do you live, I am London


      • I suppose we could try and lobby for more Euro zone friendly challenges 🙂

        I am from Yorkshire but somehow i always find myself in London. love to stay in touch, good luck with the challenges xx

        P.s if you ever need feedback on a particular post etc you could try the coomunity hub (i think that is what it is called) that gets posted on sundays.


  2. I have been blogging for a few years now and am partaking in this exercise as something a little different. I only blog for fun and write for fun. Mr. Swiss sits in front of the TV cheering his team on. Yesterday Switzerland and this evening I am not sure, probably aahs and ooohs at germany and their great victory. Me – I don’t mind football, but after 47 years in Switzerland and growing up in Bethnal Green, London, I must admit I have become more Swiss than English, and always did have a soft spot for the underdogs. My advice: just write, carry one, no-one is spared from the dreaded writer’s block.


    • I suppose it is where you feel most at home regardless of the length of time. My partner has lived both in England and Switzerland for number of years and it is safe to say he feels more British than Swiss 🙂

      Like you i write for fun and i have to be in the mood or inspired to write. These excercises are a good way to engage and meet other likeminded folks, so i guess it is not all doom and gloom.

      Thank you for stopping by and for the feedback.


  3. I find it ironic that you’ve just taken time out of your procrastination to write a blog post about procrastination… you appear to be a very quirky writer in that sense! 🙂 Writing 101 has been hard for me too, but mainly because the prompts haven’t been inspiring me! I’ve had to accept that I’ll always be a day late with them due to timezones, but when I have wanted to write I’ve been feeling a bit down with some of the tasks! Which then either causes me to take a day off, or to post something else. But, hey – I’ve not given up yet!

    I think blogging can often be a perfectionist’s worst enemy, and a procrastinator’s best friend, simply because of how the posts are in your hands. Great post, by the way. 🙂


    • “Blogging can often be a perfectionist’s worst enemy, and a procrastinator’s best friend”, I couldn’t agree more.

      I am always writing/ Blogging when i am supposed to be doing something else of more importance. When i wrote that yesterday i was at work so i suppose it was a good thing to be procrastinated in that particular moment (don’t tell my manager though lol)

      Don’t beat yourself too much about the tasks, so far i only managed to only take part in one of the assignments. Not all of the prompts are going to be inspiring so don’t let that stop you from writing about the things that inspire you or the things you want to write about.

      If i don’t find the prompts inspiring i check out what the other bloggers have done and how they have interpreted a particular twist and that is how i ended up meeting and getting to know other bloggers who i wouldn’t have stumbled on otherwise.

      Good luck with the rest of the writing 101 and thank you for stopping by X


    • Those world cup matches are VERY important, even at 12am and you have work the next day 🙂
      I don’t know about you but i am still recovering from last night’s match USA v Ghana … A lot of caffeine to be had today.


      • Holland and Argentina; my team Brazil stepped up and did what they’re expected to do but I don’t know how far it will take them. Germany of course stomped the competition.

        I won’t count out Spain as they have lost an opening match before and came back to win the World Cup (2010)


  4. Currently experiencing this! LOL! Good piece…and yes the weather over the past few days (minus yesterday) has me quite beside myself…and venturing out, instead of writing. 🙂


  5. I am back on your blog and devouring your posts – procrastination or not – there are posts a plenty here, so worry not! 😉 Me – I guess, mulling worries me, so I just bang it out – and then forget all about it! And then a few days later, check my post on my blog and groan about just how awful it is! Lol! I used to blog quite a lot from 2004-2008 and then gave it all up, as it was all too much, but now back and enjoying it! It’s amazing, how different and yet how similar we all are :))


    • Hey welcome back 🙂
      Mulling is problematic for me too. It only dawned on me last night that I have a handful of unfinished posts lingering around. Instead of finishing them what did I do, I started a new post!

      There are times when I go through a spin of creativity and endless inspiration and I just want to write and other times I feel like I have nothing worthwhile to write about. So I gave myself a target to write at least once every fortnight.
      I think writing is more fun when there are no expectations attached to it. Of course I know that not blogging regularly isn’t going to increase my readership but for now I enjoy the writing process and meeting others more than worrying about getting huge following.

      Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comment. Hope to catch you around soon.


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