Soliciting Sunrise

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice could have done with a little soliciting today!



In response to the Daily Post: Set for Solstice.



13 thoughts on “Soliciting Sunrise

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    • Hey hun.. Yes i was glad about the respite the world cup gave us yesterday so i could stop being anti-social and celebrate my bday 😁 so happy for Colombia though.

      How are things in your neck of the woods xx


      • You are lying! My sister and you share the same birthday! Fun times! Happy belated birthday – hope it was much fun! Mine’s on the 14th.

        Me – meh- trying to keep up with work and blogging, Harder than I thought (lol). The games have NOT being keeping me sane – today was rough Brazil is struggling but the Bite of the weak (pun intended!) has been a gift that keeps on giving.


      • Omg! Wow well happy bday to your sister, is she a blogger too?

        Aww thanks hun. It was fun though i was suffering from the seasonal cold.

        I am lacking behind with my blogging too. I have so many things i wanna write about but by the time i get home i just want to do nothing but watch the games back to back.

        Haha They didn’t stand a chance, much like brazil they are a one man team.

        Is that 14th of July? X


      • Aww, get well soon! Vitamin C and rest should help ease you through (though I’m sure you already now this).The sis is not a blogger – she is not into any of these things. The birthday is on July 14th.

        As for the games, unfortunately, so are many of these teams with the exception of Germany. They have one or two players on whom they depend solely to win for them. Certainly not the well-rounded teams of the past.


      • So you are the only one flying the blogging flag for the family, eh. I must say my family think of it as a joke 😫

        Thanks hun.. Will do. Any plans for your bday?

        Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


      • 🙂 I’m sure mine see it as “Another thing that she does which we don’t understand”. You have company.

        Oh for the birthday (A hot date I hope! Single girl dilemma! Hehe!) But for real, heading out with friends, which is always a fun thing.

        Weekend’s turning out well. Wish the same for you. Blessings.


      • Lol a girl can always hope, eh!
        You never know though you might just bump into one, fingers crossed (though hot dates are as rare as UFO’s these days).

        Wishing you a pleasant evening dear x


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