The Human Behind the Capsule…

  • I am a placid human; as long as I have a regular flow of hot cuppas and sleep that is.
  • I can be volatile pre 12pm..Mornings are just not by thing!
  • I love a good alliteration…they can be orgasmic!
  • I also love a good waffle (not the American type).
  • I can be a bit of a potty is a Yorkshire thing, effin’ eck!!
  • As far as inventions go, black skinny jeans are up there with ligh bulbs..genius stuff i tell ya.
  • Talking about ligh bulbs, my brightest ideas seem to surface when I am in the bathroom..something about that place nurtures creativity!
  • When i am not being struck with great ideas, I am always singing in the bathroom or just talking…to the dismay of my parents…Something about getting possessed in there. My constitution remains untouched by foriegn entities thus far, or so i think.
  • In the words of Kanye West I have the best conversations with myself.
  • If daydreaming was a job I would have excelled in it. CEO of Daydreams and Co Ltd has a ring to it, don’t you think so.?!
  • I always refer to cars by their colour, not that anyone appreciates my identification methods.
  • I don’t even like bullet points…Sigh!!!

39 thoughts on “The Human Behind the Capsule…

  1. Oh dear, is that the Edinburgh castle in your header image or am I seeing things? You say in one of your posts that you’re from a nation of bards, that would apply to the Scottish, right? I need to bookmark your blog to read through when I have some little more time πŸ˜‰


  2. We liked your tagline “Instead of saying out loud the first thing that comes to your mind why not encapsulate it in writing!”. Totally agree. We call it “The Speechless Passion”. Thank you for your visit. πŸ™‚


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